About Animal Advocates

About Animal Advocates

Animal Advocates is the only animal rights and welfare group in eastern Washington. We welcome animal-compassionate people to meetings, vegan potlucks and events. Monthly meetings, unless otherwise noted, are held the second Thursday of each month at the Spokane Valley Library, just north of Sprague off Pines on Main St.


Animal Advocates is a non-profit 501(c)3 tax exempt organization established in 1991 to help end the abuse and exploitation of non-human animals. Members include students, professionals and retired persons of all ages and backgrounds working together for animals.

We advocate for animals, tackling such issues as companion animal overpopulation, wildlife protection, farmed animals, vegetarianism, vivisection, animals in entertainment and fur industries.

Animal Advocates is an independent, grassroots organization. However, many of our members support other animal protection groups and regional animal shelters.

Animal Advocates accomplishes its work through public education, peaceful demonstrations, investigations, letter writing and petitioning, awareness of government legislation and, ABOVE ALL, PRACTICE AND PROMOTION OF COMPASSIONATE LIFESTYLES.


“We are the animals. Appreciate us for who we are. Protect our habitats. Spare us pain and suffering. Stop exploiting us for financial and other gain. Pay attention to our needs and our natures. Fulfill your obligations as stewards and regard our lives as sacred as your own. In so doing, you will achieve a harmony that has been lacking in your lives, and which is abundantly apparent in ours.”

–Jim & Nicole Willis, On Animal Rights from the Animal Prospective

“Where respect for our beloved animal companions is concerned, thought, language and action all start with one word: guardian. This simple word facilitates an inner understanding of our responsibility to the furry, feathered and scaled beings whose loyalty, uniqueness and generosity so enrich our lives. By using “guardian” language when we communicate with others, we send a clear message that every individual animal has an inherent worth that far exceeds any mere material possession that can be “owned” like a table or a TV.”

In Defense of Animals (IDA), The Guardian Campaign


We invite you to join the first and only animal rights group in the Inland Northwest. Yearly membership dues are $15, which go toward our Spay & Neuter Fund, tabling and campaigns. Dues and donations are tax deductible and should be made out to Animal Advocates of the Inland NW and addressed to PO Box 493, Liberty Lake, WA., 99019.

Too few hours in a day to actively participate in meetings, vegan potlucks and campaigns? Donations help the animals.

You can also sign up for our email alerts list, which offers ideas about making a difference for animals.

We welcome your comments and questions.