Advocates Works Toward Combatting Acute Area Animal Overpopulation Problem

Our Member’s Charitable Spay Neuter Fund has been put to good use the latter half of 2009. We have been partnering with the Spokane Humane Society to provide many cat and dog vouchers. Many thanks go to Mountain Empire Vet clinic for accepting these vouchers and doing the spay/neuters.

On July 17 and 18 a group called “The Spokane Reservation Friends of Pets Society” held their first ever “Love Your Pet Days” in the field house at the Wellpinit High School. Community Pets was invited to hold a spay/neuter “event” as part of that celebration.

Two vets did the surgery, with pet owners working side by side. In two days they did 48 dog spays and 64 neuters, 17 cat spays and 9 neuters for 138 total. A few of the dogs had been acquired as strays.

Neighbors went home and talked about how they were treated and how great their pets were doing. That brought others in, and they had dozens of walk-ins that were not on the schedule.

Community Pet Spay/Neuter


Vets at work

Vets at work

In addition we have been one of the main financial sponsors helping River City Pet Rescue do two all-day spay/neuter cat clinics. One was on August 16th in Post Falls, ID (just over the WA State border) where 127 cats were spayed/neutered by Pet Savers a Spokane low cost s/n clinic. The second was on September 20 in nearby Coeur d’Alene, ID where 121 cats were fixed by Lake City Sp/N clinic. Two of our members dedicated energy and enthusiasm to the more than 10 hours that each of those days required.

Cat crates in clinic recovery

Recovery on heating pads

Post surgery LOVE

Going back Home–it’s been a long day